Sony had 'no involvement' in Death Stranding deal with PC Game Pass

Sony had ‘no involvement’ in Death Stranding deal with PC Game Pass

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Update: Sony had “no involvement” in the release of Death Stranding on PC Game Pass, despite the platform holder owning the intellectual property and financing the development of the title. “Issues regarding the PC release of Death Stranding are being managed by Kojima Productions and 505 Games,” a spokesperson told us. “SIE is not involved in this promotion.”

It begs the question: how did the Japanese giant manage to get a licensing deal where it has no control whatsoever over where its product ends up being distributed? Obviously, we’ve seen a similar situation with MLB The Show.

It may be worth pointing out that the PC Game Pass version of the release will be based on: the original Death Stranding campaign, and not the extended Director’s Cut. The last one was also published by 505 Games on storefronts like Steam, so it’s possible that particular version of the game may have a different license agreement.

Original story: We knew it was happening, but here’s the official announcement – complete with a blog post on, just to rub it in. Death Stranding – a game fully funded and owned by Sony Interactive Entertainment and running on first-party studio Guerrilla Games’ engine – is coming PC Game Pass from August 23, 2022. It even includes Xbox Achievements! So much for the platform holder who pays to keep games from the subscription, huh?

The press release reads almost apologetically and includes an explanation as to why the title is coming to the service from Microsoft:[The release will] giving players more access to Hideo Kojima’s genre-defying title, in which they will reconnect a fractured America step by step,” explains the marketing material. “Death Stranding tells a groundbreaking story of perseverance through an emotional adventure that those in the Microsoft community can now experience for the first time.”

It should be emphasized that 505 Games is the publisher of Death Stranding on PC and will therefore have started this deal. However, it still baffles us that Sony has signed contracts under which it has so little control over its own products that it is seemingly unable to prevent such situations. The same has happened to MLB The Show twice now – a game developed entirely by a developer from PlayStation Studios.

Nevertheless, Death Stranding is a phenomenal adventure, so we sincerely hope people enjoy it. And since the title is already there All PS Plus gamesthis is less of a slap in the face than Sony’s previous Game Pass releases, where it asked PlayStation players to pay full price, while Microsoft gamers could enjoy at no extra cost.

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