Some Pixel owners can't charge wirelessly after Android 13 update

Some Pixel owners can’t charge wirelessly after Android 13 update

Pixel owners who haven’t upgraded to Android 13 yet, take note: It seems several people won’t be able to use wireless charging after installing the latest operating system, released earlier this week (via 9to5Google). There have been several posts on Reddit about the issue of people using the Pixel 4, 4 XL, 6 and 6 Pro with various wireless chargers, including Google’s top-of-the-line Pixel Stands. For Pixel 6 and 6 Pro owners, this could be an even bigger problem: they are not allowed to go back to Android 12 after updating to Android 13.

According to reports from some users, the phones seem to recognize that they are on a wireless charger with one user even saying that their 4 XL shows the charging battery icon. However, the batteries don’t seem to be drawing juice and some charging pads report that the phone is misaligned or a general charging error has occurred.

Several workarounds have been suggested, especially around the Pixel Stands – one user reported that after disabling the Pixel Stand app, booting in safe mode and charging with the stand, then forgetting the stand and adding it, their device started using it on to load again, although others have had no luck with those steps. An employee here at The edge had a friend who said their first generation Pixel Stand seemingly forgot their Pixel 6 Pro but started charging again after setting it up again.

A handful of users have also reported that several Pixel models also had problems with fast charging, with one user saying that their Pixel 4A 5G only charges 10 percent in an hour and gets very hot. They didn’t specify exactly whether they charge wireless or wired, but did refer to plugging and unplugging their phone, suggesting it was the latter.

Google didn’t respond right away The edge‘s questions about the problem or whether a solution is in the works.

It’s unfortunate that this kind of problem is happening in Android 13, especially since some users say it started during beta, which means that Google has had some time to hear and fix the problem. Android 12 was a particularly rocky release, with some updates breaking the core functionality of Pixels, and the fact that Android 13 has issues with something as basic as charging doesn’t really inspire confidence that Google is changing the stability of its updates.

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