Cleveland Browns Training Camp

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Cleveland Browns Training Camp

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The Browns had known for some time that Deshaun Watson would miss at least six games. That knowledge didn’t change the decision-makers’ minds about what to do in the meantime.

On Thursday, the Browns found out how long the starting quarterback’s suspension will last. Will the 11 games Watson miss out on change their thinking about the position?

If so, the Browns don’t say.

They reiterated that they are all there with Jacoby Brissett.

“During this process, it’s helpful for us to try and respect it and know that there would finally be clarity, and then we’ll just stick to our plan for the future,” Browns coach Kevin Stefanski said via Dan Labbe from “We’re pretty comfortable with how we’re working now, knowing we’ll get Deshaun back after 11 games.”

The Browns are increasing Brissett’s workload with the first team as they get closer to the season opener against the Panthers. Watson will not play the last two presason games.

“We want to get a good idea of ​​part of our schedule versus another schedule if you want,” Stefanski said, “but eventually as we transition this week, Jacoby will get all the reps.”

The Browns will play five 2021 playoff teams while Watson is out. They also play against the Chargers, Ravens and Dolphins, who are contenders for the playoffs this year.

Watson will be eligible to return to action against his former team on December 4, but will the Browns still be in the fray? The Browns have faith in Brissett, perhaps more than anyone outside the locker room.

“We are excited about Jacoby and have a lot of confidence in Jacoby and when Deshaun is ready he will rejoin the team,” said Stefanski.

The Colts tried to make Brissett the quarterback off the bridge, not once, but twice. He started 15 games for Andrew Luck in 2017 when Luck retired with a shoulder injury, and in 2019, when Luck abruptly retired on August 24 that preseason, Brissett started 15 games.

He is 14-23 as a starter.

“I think back to when we took over Jacoby, the calls I made to people he played for, people he played with, it was very, very consistent in the sense that you get a pro,” Stefanski said. “(He’s) someone who’s going to lead from the front, work really hard at his craft and just be an excellent teammate.”

But the question remains: if the Browns start Brissett for all 11 games, will they win enough to stay in the fight when Watson returns?

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