7 winners and 3 losers from Bengals loss to Giants

7 winners and 3 losers from Bengals loss to Giants

The New York Giants defeated the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday night. However, the winner of the game is not as important as what we have seen from the players in the games.

Cincinnati again rested almost all of their starters, but New York did play their starters. That means we’ve been able to see some of these players battling for starting or roster spots pitting themselves against more of a real-life team.


Offensive Guard Cordell Volson: All eyes were on this starting offensive guard with the most starters tonight. This was his golden opportunity to show that he has surpassed Jackson Carman in the left guard competition as last season’s second round came out with a positive COVID result.

Volson did not disappoint. He even got into the Giants’ line of defense. He played some ugly moves, but for the most part you didn’t notice him in the pass guard and he opened up lanes. We should seriously consider him for the starting spot at the left hat.

Safety Dax Hill: No surprise here. Hill showed up in week 1 of the preseason and he only built from there this week. He managed to make an incredible stop in the open space that led to a turnover on downs the next game, and he brought in his first interception dive for a tipped pass. He continues to show how much of a bargain the Bengals got in round 1.

Wide receiver Kendric Pryor and Kwamie Lassiter II: Pryor was the human highlight of Week 1. He managed to show how well he is making contested catches again this week with some great grabs.

Lassiter led the team in catches (7) and yards (91) on the night. He was able to part fairly easily, and his only niggle was dropping a 2-point conversion late in the fourth quarter. He made up for that with a clutch catch on the last ride to get them into the Giants territory.

Quarterback Brandon Allen: Allen missed most of the week 1 outing with a concussion. He came out and did the best he could with all the penalties that stopped the offense.

Defense Line Depth: We again saw people like Joseph Ossai, Cam Sample and Zac Carter make some plays. These guys will be seeing the field during the regular season. They got penetration and busied themselves on screens. They weren’t perfect, but they give a lot of excitement about how good a rotation this team will have on the defensive line.

Punter Drue Chrisman: Chrisman was the only gambler who actually fell for this game. He did very well averaging 48.5 yards on his three kicks. He also ran a returner on one of his stairs.


Offensive lineman Jackson Carman: After a really terrible outing in Week 1, he could see Volson doing really well in his absence. This is a battle that will likely be an ongoing battle, so Carman may be able to try and get out of it. However, he will have to play the best football we’ve seen him play so far to make up for it next week.

Offensive Line Depth: Sanctions were still a big problem this week. It seemed early and often we saw penalties recalling any kind of big game. You could say they faced the starters in the Giants defense, but this is the talent level they will see when they have to fill in for a starter. In fact, they are likely to face better. Let’s hope the starters stay healthy this year.

Punter Kevin Huber: Things are not looking good for the longest serving Bengal. He didn’t kick any kicks, and he turned with Chrisman holding up for Evan McPherson. We’ll have to see how it plays out in the coming weeks, but it looks like Cincinnati is currently favoring the young man.

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