Tottenham 1-0 Wolves: Kane's 250th career goal makes Spurs win

Tottenham 1-0 Wolves: Kane’s 250th career goal makes Spurs win

After a tough draw at Stamford Bridge last week, Tottenham Hotspur returned home to take on a Wolves team that gave them some trouble last season. It was an unconvincing performance, especially in the first half, but Tottenham dug deep and improved in the second 45.

Harry Kane became the player with the most Premier League goals for a club in this match, going home from close range from a corner kick in the second half having previously hit the crossbar and being Tottenham’s only shot in the first half . Spurs put in a solid defensive performance and while Wolves had some dangerous chances, none of them put Hugo Lloris too much to the test. Kane’s 250th career goal was enough as Spurs took all the points today and won 1-0.

Here are my contest reactions.


  • A somewhat unconvincing win, but still a very good three points. This was a game the Spurs lost last season, so I’m not going to bicker too much.
  • I’ve wondered why we didn’t see Conte’s 5-3-2, but it wasn’t particularly good in the first half. Spurs’ midfielders were not getting any balls forward and it looks like it could benefit from someone who can ping long balls from deep. (Hello, Clement.)
  • Pretty boring first half. Spurs seemed content to be patient and just wait for opportunities to come their way. Wolves had 12 shots, but many of them were low-range shots. But the Spurs never tested Sa either. One shot in that half of a Kane header that just isn’t good enough against a team like Wolves.
  • There has clearly been a refereeing directive to let more potential fouls go, but I don’t think it benefits a team like Spurs, who can use free kicks to disrupt defensive patterns. It is remarkable that Wolves also fell over at the slightest contact.
  • I had almost forgotten how boring the Sanchez-Royal combination on the right can be, and am not happy to see it again.
  • The goal of Spurs was a nice piece of set design. Fantastic film from Perisic to the back pole and Kane was wide open. Well done, Mr. Vio for the set design. Just a very well made goal.
  • A little disappointed with Hojbjerg’s game today and was surprised he wasn’t substituted, especially after being booked early. That map offered at least one scenario where a tactical error could have prevented Wolves from an opportunity, but General Ho couldn’t do it because he would have been ejected.
  • I looked at Ryan Sessegnon, straight body Adama Traore in this match and I think I’ve hit nirvana.
  • Again quite impressed with Richarlison from the bank. Had some nice dribbles, beat his man a couple of times and should have been given a penalty after being knocked down in the penalty area.
  • Another bad match for Son. He’s always been streaky though, and you just have to let him play through it and come out the other side.
  • One of the hallmarks of Spurs under Conte is that they can defend well when they score a goal. The xG card is better than I expected, honestly. Just look at all those squares outside the Wolves area!
  • Next game: road to Forest. Can be a deceptively tricky one.

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