Antonio Brown attacks Tom Brady for manipulating the game by taking time off, his trainer yells

Antonio Brown attacks Tom Brady for manipulating the game by taking time off, his trainer yells

Former NFL-wide receiver Antonio Brown has gone back and forth publicly about how he feels about legendary quarterback Tom Brady. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback is a major reason Brown won a Super Bowl ring with the team a few years ago, but after the wideout ran off the field shirtless in a regular-season game against the New York Jets last year, changed their relationship.

In January, Brown in public doubted their friendship before he changes course and tells TMZ that he loves Tom and that he is a great teammate and one of his”true friends in the midst of adversityThe following month, Brown took to Instagram to blame the Buccaneers for his ankle injury, claiming: Brady lied to him about his touches in his last game with Tampa Bay.

This week, Brown again aimed with his weapon of choice, social media, to attack Brady and his trainer Alex Guerrero. Brown has argued in the past with Guerrero, who, according to Brown, failed to repay some of the $100K the wideout paid him for his services. It is unknown if they ever resolved the situation.

On Wednesday, Brown decided to take a shot at Brady due to his decision to take time off from the Buccaneers due to: non-football related reasons.

“Alex Guerra” [sic] You think I won’t let you hit on TB12 boy, stop playing with me!” Brown tweeted (h/t de New York Post.) “Boy gets paid with money [sic] n players also take money.”

brown then tweeted again: “Tom Brady manipulates the game gets 14 days [to] go home to get his thoughts [right] LOL. Now you see the difference. Put that st on.”

Brown then tweeted: “Still no justice for the Real.”

Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles announced last week that Brady would be out until after Tampa Bay’s second game against the Tennessee Titans, this Saturday. It’s not known why Brady is taking time off, but it sounded like it was planned.

“He’s going to handle some personal stuff,” Bowles said via Pro Football Talk. “This is something we talked about before training camp started. We allocated this time because he wanted to get chemistry with the guys and get through two weeks of training camp knowing he wouldn’t play the first two games.”

While not many people have a problem with the 45-year-old legend taking preseason off, Brown certainly did.

“No hard feelings, but these feelings are hard,” Brown tweeted later Wednesday afternoon.

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