Tesla began rolling out FSD Beta 10.69; solved Chuck's Unprotected Left Turn

Tesla began rolling out FSD Beta 10.69; Chuck’s unprotected left turn fixed

Tesla started rolling out the highly anticipated Full Self-Driving Beta 10.69 update last night. A major improvement was fixing Chuck Cook’s unprotected left turn, which was covered in previous FSD Beta release notes.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that by the end of this week, 10.69.1 is likely to be out by the end of the week with a wider release with 10.69.2 later in a few weeks for all of Tesla’s FSD Beta participants.

Elon Musk also announced that after FSD Beta 10.69.2 is released, the price of the software will rise up to $15,000 in North America on September 5 (Labor Day).

Chuck tested his unprotected left turn at 10.69 and if see you in this videoTesla’s Autopilot team has made some massive improvements, including fixing Chuck’s unprotected left turn. Elon Musk thanked Chuck for giving the Tesla Autopilot team the tough case to solve.

“Glad it worked! Thank you for giving us this difficult case to solve. That is what field testing is all about.”

“This early version of 10.69 is extra careful, so wait for a fairly large gap in traffic to cross. Upcoming releases will do better in heavy traffic,” Elon Musk said.

Chuck also shared a highlight reel earlier today. Driving at Memorial Park with the latest version of FSD Beta, he noticed that the car was navigating two roundabouts that had recently been constructed but were not yet in the map data. Chuck’s feedback was beneficial to the Tesla Autopilot team, to which both Chuck and Elon Musk gave credit.

I reached out to Chuck who told me,

“I remain humbled by the attention this one twist has gotten in my neighborhood. And again it was both fun and exciting to be one of the first customers to receive FSDBeta v10.69. Today’s first impressions have shown how much work and creativity the Tesla AI team has put into solving FSD. Each release gets better and better and security further improves.”

You can watch Chuck’s full video below.

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Tesla began rolling out FSD Beta 10.69; Chuck’s unprotected left turn fixed

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