New Street Fighter 6 footage shows Jamie is capable of combos after level 3 Super and arguably the best gameplay we've seen of the character

New Street Fighter 6 footage shows Jamie is capable of combos after level 3 Super and arguably the best gameplay we’ve seen of the character

As the one and only newcomer to the early Street Fighter 6 demos, Jamie was the hardest nut to crack for players given limited hands-on time with the game, so it was harder to gauge what he can actually do.

Thanks to the demo available this weekend on VSFighting X, FlawlessDeku was able to capture arguably the best showcase of Jamie’s skills and confirm that he can do combos after achieving his level 3 Super Art.

As seen at 2:56 in FlawlessDeku’s video or the tweet below, Jamie counters what appears to be a hit in Swagger Step before canceling for Getsuga Saiho from the drinking dancer.

The final launch at the end gives Jamie enough time to continue the combo to an Overdrive Swagger Step into Arrow Kick for a total of 13 hits, living KO’s Ryu by about 25%.

With all the factors associated with SF6 and Jamie’s character-specific mechanics, it’s hard to know right away just how limited or universal this follow-up really is.

Our first thought was that he might need to have a higher drink level to pull that off, but the footage shows he’s only booted once – so he could potentially get even better combo options at level 3 or 4.

We’d seen before that Chun-Li could combine her level 2 into air level 1 Supers in SF6, but we think this is the first time we’ve had confirmation that a level 3 Super could potentially be combined after that too – and maybe this is another reference to the twins whose names start with “Y”.

Street Fighter 6 gives each character 3 Super Arts (plus Critical Art on low health) and seemingly gives the developers more creative freedom with what they can actually do, such as temporary installation improvements and more.

This is at odds with the way Street Fighter 5 handled their Critical Arts, which basically boiled the city down to combo finishers or chip KO enablers.

For the rest of the gameplay, FlawlessDeku shows what grabs Jamie’s previously rarely seen Tenshin command, along with some flashy Level 4 combos and Drive Rush options.

If you’ve been interested in seeing what Jamie can really do in Street Fighter 6, we highly recommend watching FlawlessDeku’s full video below.

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