iPadOS 16: These are the new features exclusive to M1 iPads

iPadOS 16: These are the new features exclusive to M1 iPads

iPadOS 16 brought a handful of new features, especially for M1 iPad users. Now that the public beta is out, if you want to know how to get the most out of the upcoming OS and whether it’s worth upgrading to an M1 iPad Air or M1 iPad Pro, here are their exclusive features on iPadOS 16.

Stage Manager as the star of iPadOS 16 and M1 iPad users

Stage Manager is available exclusively for the M1 iPad Air and M1 iPad Pro. Here’s what you can do with this iPadOS 16 feature:

  • Customizable windows: Resize your windows to make them the perfect size for your job;
  • Center app: Concentrate on the app you are working with without going full screen;
  • Quick access to windows and apps: The windows of the apps you work in are prominently displayed in the center, and other apps are arranged on the left in order of recent use;
  • Overlapping windows: Create overlapping windows of different sizes in a single view, giving you control to organize your ideal workspace;
  • Group apps together: Drag windows from the side or open apps from the Dock to create sets of apps you can always return to.

External display support for M1 iPad users with iPadOS 16

external display M1 iPad with iPadOS 16

Another important feature for M1 iPad users with iPadOS 16 is the ability to have good external display support.

As Apple explains, iPad Pro is fully supported by external displays with the M1 chip with resolutions up to 6K, meaning you can work with a variety of apps on your iPad and external display. With iPadOS 16, you can also:

  • To access apps on external display: Open your favorite apps and the apps you’ve recently used from the Dock, or use the App Library to find the app you want faster;
  • Drag and drop between iPad and external display: M1 iPad users with iPadOS 16 can drag and drop files and windows from their iPad Pro to the external display and vice versa.

12.9-inch M1 iPad Pro gets its own exclusive feature on iPadOS 16

Even if you have an M1 iPad, it doesn’t mean you have all the features of iPadOS 16, as Apple has saved one feature on the larger iPad with new display modes:

  • Reference mode: Enables the 12.9-inch iPad Pro with Liquid Retina XDR display to provide reference colors for popular color standards and video formats;
  • Reference mode with sidecar: Use iPad Pro as a secondary reference screen for your Mac.

2020 iPad Pro can also be in the spotlight

Only for 2020 iPad Pro users or newer there is an exclusive accessibility feature with Magnifier on iPadOS 16:

  • Detection mode in magnifying glass: Get comprehensive descriptions of your environment with a new magnifying glass mode that includes door detection, people detection and image descriptions;
  • Door detection in magnifying glass: Locate a door, read signs or labels around it, and get instructions on how to open the door.

Last but not least, if you have an iPad Air 5 with 256GB of storage or an M1 iPad Pro, you can take advantage of this feature on iPadOS 16:

  • Switch virtual memory: iPad storage can be used to expand the available memory for all apps and provides up to 16 gigabytes of memory for the most demanding apps.

Packing up

These are the features that will be available to M1 iPad users on iPadOS 16. The upcoming operating system for iPads will be available to all people in a few months, but you can take advantage of the public beta right now.

Are you excited about these new features? Do you think they are enough to make you buy an M1 iPad? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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