Removed Anti-Pride Spider-Man Remastered mod

Removed Anti-Pride Spider-Man Remastered mod

A mod that replaced the Pride flags with American flags in Spider-Man Remastered has been removed from mod websites.

The modding community for Spider-Man Remastered has been quite active since the game’s release on PC last week, with mods to turn the pigeons into rats and all sorts of other fun character changes. However, one mod that caught the eye was more divisive.

The mod in question replaced all Pride flags that appeared in the game with the American flag. Uploaded to Nexus Mods on August 15, it was removed by site staff on August 17. A similar mod appeared on ModDB, which has also been removed.

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Nexus Mods has issued a statement addressing the mod’s removal. The statement condemned the mod’s creator, who had used a sock puppet account (a new account created solely for trolling purposes), going as far as calling them “a coward.” The mod has now been removed and both the sock puppet and main uploader accounts have been banned.

The staff notice continues to explain the site’s right to exercise content moderation and explains in clear terms why the action was taken. “We are for inclusiveness, we are for diversity,” the message reads. “If we believe that someone is uploading a mod to our site with the intention of being deliberately against inclusivity and/or diversity, we will act against it.

“We do not want and will not argue this with you. We have now explained our position and we will not provide you a platform to twist our position to feed an irrational and paranoid narrative. You can do that elsewhere, where we don’t care enough to read it.

“If this policy upsets you, if as a company we have violated a code of moral conduct that you cannot accept, please delete your account (bottom option) and proceed as we will.”

ModDB confirmed that it had also removed the mod and banned the user who uploaded it to its site.

Since then, there has been a flood of more positive mods on Nexus Mods in response to the situation. Colorful New York instead replaces all US flags with the Pride flag, while Progressive Flags adds flags for various minority and campaign groups, such as the trans and Black Lives Matter flags.

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