Fallout TV show set leaks look really authentic, actually

Fallout TV show set leaks look really authentic, actually

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As you may know, Bethesda’s mega-popular RPG series precipitation going to a TV series. This is top of mind again because new pictures of the set of the upcoming post-nuclear Amazon adjustment leaked somewhere in the past 24 hours. Live-action video game adaptations are getting pretty good these days, so it shouldn’t be too surprising to see the sets look very, very authentic to the real Bethesda games.

Originally inspired by the GURPS tabletop role play, Interplay’s precipitation premiered on PC in 1997, with a sequel the following year. A few spin-off games mapped out the ’00s for a canceled 1998 sequel Fallout 2 would clear the way for Bethesda, of all companies, to pick up and build the franchise Fallout 3 in 2008 for PCs and consoles. After a critically acclaimed spin-off, a so-so direct sequel, and an odd attempt at a live service game made under poor working conditions, Amazon announced in 2020 that there would be a live-action adaptation on the company’s streaming service. Not much has been said about the show since then.

Although the original leak post on the Fallout 4 subreddit his images have been removed by mods, the apparent photos of the TV production have since surfaced on Twitter, with sets looking like they were ripped straight out Fallout 3 or 4.

While so much is still unknown about this show, the set footage, if real, offers some insight. It looks like a “Vault 32” will play some kind of role, and the nursery in one of the images is very similar to opening scenes from Fallout 3. Another shows a farm right outside a vault.

These aren’t the first leaks to surface from the upcoming TV show. Just under a month ago, PC gamer reported on leaks reportedly showing off show props for the series’ classic power armor suits. In July of this year, Eurogamer spotted a “Super Duper Mart‘ which, as you might have assumed, was not Staten Island’s natural habitat. Although you could have fooled me.

Not everything we’ve learned about the show has come from leaks. In July, the official Xbox News Twitter account stated that filming for the show was underway. A few weeks ago also actor Walton Goggins shared a post on his Instagram outside of its trailer where a single character name was included, “Ghoul.” It’s not clear whether or not Goggins is in costume in this photo.

If you played Fallout: New Vegas, then you know the setting is ripe for fun stories, so in theory there could be a fun show in store for us. Alternatively, the show could just be about freeing another settlement that needs your help or endlessly searching for your stupid father or something.

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