Spider-Man Remastered Mud Banned for Allowing Players to Remove Pride Flag

Spider-Man Remastered Mud Banned for Allowing Players to Remove Pride Flag

Spiderman punches a bald villain.

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On August 15, “Mike Hawk” (his words, not mine) uploaded a Spider-Man Remastered change to Nexus Mods who “replace the artifacts of Newton’s Prism with the stars and stripes,” according to the description. But the mod, secretly dubbed “Non-Newtonian New York,” wasn’t the work of a rogue Isaac Newton hater who traveled through time to challenge the physicist. experiment with glass prisms. It was just modern homophobia, and it replaced pride flags everywhere Spider ManNew York’s with the American flag. A bold move for someone with a username that should sound like “My dick”, I know.

Shortly after it appeared, Nexus Mods told We’ve got this covered that it removed the mod and banned My Cock and its alternate account from the site, but internet rubbish dies hard. The mod has been uploaded to the non-profit internet archive and although the file comes with an “inappropriate or offensive” content warning, the link works. The comments on the site give a fantastic insight into what happens when cerebrospinal fluid is gradually replaced by Mountain Dew.

People write a lot of disgusting words that probably make them feel big and strong, and some freely refer to liberal “snowflakes” and their “activated” fragility. The commentators scoffed and scoffed at the snowflakes, despite being so sensitive that they immediately shit their pants when they see a rainbow in a Spider Man game. It’s like when babies cry after getting the wrong face paint at a very special fourth birthday party.

“If you see this and think it’s because of hate, then you have to look at yourself,” said one commenter, who basically meant to say, “I just shit myself because my mom’s second cousin painted a butterfly on my face, even though I asked for a pirate.” Anyway, commenter, I’m now running the “look inside myself” function…



The results are in. Yes, anyone who types slander and “kys” with perverted five star joy is definitely a homophobic loser. Thanks for encouraging to check.

But the incredibly triggered non-Newtonian New York mod will likely live on on the Internet Archive. the places terms of service allow, but don’t endorse “offensive” content, as it is, understandably, an archive of the disease-ridden funhouse that is the Internet. Unfortunately for us, the users and creators of the Internet, Internet Archive forces us to think about how uncreative gibberish like “Non-Newtonian New York” is part of our legacy.

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