Tesla publishes rare comment denying media report's claim that a CEO has left

Tesla publishes rare comment denying media report’s claim that a CEO has left

Tesla released a rare public comment denying a media report claiming an executive has left the company.

In recent years, almost every article about Tesla you read contains a version of the phrase “we’ve reached out to Tesla for a comment, but the automaker hasn’t responded.” That’s because the automaker has stopped commenting on media reports for the past two years after shutting down its press relations division.

But surprisingly, Tesla took to Twitter today to comment on a media report from Bloomberg who claimed that David Searle, Tesla’s head of legal affairs, had left the company:

Tesla denied the report on Twitter despite Bloomberg claim that three sources confirmed the news to them:

David Searle left his position as head of legal affairs at Tesla less than a month ago, according to three people familiar with the case. Dinna Eskin, a deputy general counsel at the company, has taken over the role, people said.

The publication had contacted Tesla prior to reporting, but the automaker did not respond. Bloomberg has since edited the article to indicate that Searle is not the head of the company’s legal department, which Tesla does not seem to deny, but the headline still claims that Searle has “left” Tesla.

The report also noted that Searle oversaw the investigation into the suspicious order of “special glass,” which reportedly led to several Tesla employees being fired. And reportedly, Elon Musk’s top lieutenant Omead Afshar will be next.

That report was also Bloomberg (but from a different reporter), and Tesla has not responded.

Electrek’s Take

Man, I miss Tesla’s PR department. This is one of those instances where it would have been helpful. It resembles Bloomberg maybe this helps them, but they didn’t get the full story.

Tesla could have clarified the situation. Instead of, Bloomberg posted an incomplete report and Tesla decided to correct it afterwards.

But the fact that the company has commented on it at all is interesting, because that hasn’t happened in a very long time. Are we seeing glimpses of potential media relations returning? Could be. We’ll have to wait.

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