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iPhone 14 cases just leaked online – here are all the colors

The official iPhone 14 announcement isn’t happening yet, though it may be coming soon September 7 based on the rumored date for the next Apple event. But at least we have a better idea of ​​what colors the silicone iPhone 14 cases will come in — and that might point us to the colors of the phone itself.

Majin Bu is a leaker with a renowned track record when it comes to iPhone case colors. They have recently tweeted (opens in new tab) from images of what are identical clones of the iPhone 14 cases. While these reproductions are (obviously) unofficial, the manufacturers making these cases often have advance notice of the official colors so they can complement what Apple’s upcoming phones will look like.

A photo of reproduction cases for iPhone 14 Pro Max new in box, with eight different colorways.

Credit: Majin Bu/Twitter

Majin Bu does point out that these are just clones and not actual cases. The official colors are subject to change. Still, it seems we can consider these as very likely similar to the official cases Apple will release – at least when it comes to looks.

Potential iPhone 14 Case Colors

According to Majin Bu (opens in new tab)it looks like we will get the following eight colors for the silicone iPhone 14 cases: Midnight (black), Succulent (seafoam green), Chalk Pink, Red, Lilac, Sun glow (yellow), Stormblue (dark blue), and Elderberry (purple ).

A photo of reproductions of iPhone 14 cases, featuring eight different colorways.

Credit: Majin Bu/Twitter

That’s a wider range of options than the iPhone 14 color rumor we’ve heard so far. The most recent leak suggests six possible iPhone 14 colors: green, purple, blue, black, white and red. Last year, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 mini arrived in five colors, although Apple added a green version earlier this year.

iPhone Pro colors tend to be even more limited and available in less vibrant shades. Current iPhone 14 Pro rumors suggest purple, green, silver and graphite options for Apple’s more expensive phones.

A marketing image for reproductions of iPhone 14 cases, featuring eight different colorways.

Credit: Majin Bu/Twitter

A previous tweet from Majin Bu (opens in new tab) suggested that these colors would apply to cases for all four iPhone 14 models — the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. The Plus is the newcomer – the rumored iPhone 14 Max with the 6.7-inch screen that will supposedly take the place of the iPhone mini in Apple’s new lineup. It’s still unclear whether Apple will choose Max or Plus for the name of the new model, but the Majin Bu tweet seems to suggest the latter.

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