Texas' first child case of monkey pox concerns health officials

Texas’ first child case of monkey pox concerns health officials

A rare case of monkey pox in a child in southeastern Texas may be only the eighth in the country. Health officials are concerned because no immediate family members appear to be infected.

Officials in Harris County, including Houston, said this child under the age of two may have a case of monkey pox. It will take about a week to get confirmation back, but officials expect it to be confirmed.

“I say presumably positive because all of our cases are presumably positive until we get full confirmation from the CDC,” Harris County Judge Hidalgo said. “To put in context, so far we haven’t had a suspected positive unconfirmed case of monkey pox. At some point it will, but so far it hasn’t happened.”

It is not yet clear how the baby contracted the virus. Hildalgo said the child has not been to a school or daycare center and no immediate family members appear to be infected.

The judge said contact tracing is now underway to determine where the child contracted the virus.

The child, who is expected to make a full recovery, has a residual rash but is otherwise asymptomatic, Hidalgo said.

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So far, there have been only eight cases of monkeypox involving children in the United States. This would be the first for Texas.

“This Harris County case is one of the few cases involving young children in the entire country. And I understand it’s a very scary case, and parents are concerned,” Hidalgo said. “We have to make sure we are vigilant and understand the risks, not assume the worst. But this reminds us that this is very real.”

This digitally colored electron micrograph (EM) image showed monkeypox virus particles obtained from a clinical sample associated with the prairie dog outbreak in 2003. It was a thin section of a human skin sample. On the left were matu

In recent months, cases of monkey pox have been linked to men who have had sex with other men.

But it is known that the virus can spread between two people who are close to each other for an extended period of time if one of them is infected.

“The thing with smallpox viruses is that they can be transmitted through close contact — touch, breathing particles, someone sneezing on you, you sitting somewhere where someone has monkey pox, the fluids, touching an active rash,” said Noreen Mayberry, a toxicologist. and medical scientist.

She encouraged people to think of the virus as chickenpox and how chickenpox spreads.

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Harris County officials said a total of 269 people have been diagnosed with monkeypox in the county. They said this new case involving a child is alarming, but no alarm.

Meanwhile, the monkeypox vaccine rollout has been marked by shortages and tight supplies across the country.

For now, access to the vaccine is limited to people in certain risk groups.

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