Nintendo makes popular Switch Pokemon game free to play for a limited time

Nintendo makes popular Switch Pokemon game free to play for a limited time

To coincide with the Pokemon World Championships of 2022, Nintendo has decided to play a popular Pokemon game for free on Switch for a limited time. Right now there are a number of Pokemon games available on Switch, all of which have sold quite well. And while some fans would certainly have liked to see Nintendo making games like Pokemon Sword/Shield, Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearlor Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee become available for free, the publisher is instead making a lesser-known entry in the franchise available to select Switch owners.

Starting tomorrow, August 18, and lasts until August 31, Pokén Tournament DX is free to download and play on Nintendo Switch. First released in 2016, Pokemon Tournament originally launched as a Pokemon fighting game on the Wii U. After the dismal success of the Nintendo console, the game was later ported to Switch as Pokén Tournament DX. This edition of the game featured more characters than usual and was generally well received by critics and fans alike.

However, as expected with this offering, Nintendo is unwilling to do Pokén Tournament DX completely free for all Switch owners. Instead, this deal is only offered to those who are subscribed to Nintendo Switch Online. This is something we’ve seen Nintendo do with its Game Trial program in the past, so this shouldn’t come as a shock in any way. And given the number of millions of Switch Online subscribers out there, there’s a good chance you qualify for this promotion.

Besides the fact that Nintendo is free for the rest of the month, Nintendo has also chosen to reduce the price of Pokén Tournament DX by 30% on Switch. So if you give the game a shot and enjoy it yourself, you can buy it for a lower price than usual. Again, however, this offer is also only given to Switch Online members.

Are you looking to give? Pokén Tournament DX a chance for yourself while it’s free on Switch? Or do you happen to already own the game? Let me know in the comments or message me on Twitter @MooreMan12.

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