These wireless earbuds cost about the tax you would pay for new AirPods

These wireless earbuds cost about the tax you would pay for new AirPods

Back-to-school season means back to the grind, whether you’re a student or a parent responsible for driving the kids and loading their backpacks. This busy and exciting time means heightened nerves and stress, so it’s important to make sure you have a solid relaxation routine. If that means hitting the gym with some good pump-up music or chilling out to your favorite podcast, make sure your earphones are up to the task.

Good earphones are important to make sure this season runs smoothly, and the Flux 7 TWS earbuds are a great way to upgrade your sound solution without costing a huge chunk of your wallet.

Flux 7 TWS earbuds with wireless charging case and power bank

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These wireless earbuds even come with a wireless charging case and power bank, and now at the Back to Education event, you can score everything for just $24.99. But be quick, these perfect back-to-school earphones are only available through August 24 at this price.

The Flux TWS earphones allow you to tune on demand and offers intelligent noise cancellation that helps to eliminate all annoying background noise in noisy environments. A 2000 mAh lithium polymer battery gives you five hours of standby time, while the voice-activated function makes enjoying music more convenient than ever – just press the button for two seconds to activate the voice assistant.

Do you want earplugs that you don’t have to worry about? These are IPX4 waterproof meaning they are waterproof and sweat resistant so you don’t have to worry about bad weather or strenuous exercise. And the auto-pairing feature makes charging easier than ever, they start and pair automatically when taken out of the charging cabin and automatically shut down and disconnect when you put them back in the charging cabin.

Satisfied customer Bob raved about these low profile earphones and said, “They stay in my ear really well and are easy to use… For the price you can hardly go wrong.”

Keep the music going all fall with the Flux 7 TWS earbuds with wireless charging case and power bank. Get them for just $24.99 during the Back to Education event and you’ll be doing well with your purchase. A portion of the proceeds from every item sold during this Back to Education collection will go to students or children in need…and you can vote on where the money goes after your purchase.

Prices subject to change.

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