I want to lose 15 pounds.  A dietitian said eating larger meals with more protein will reduce my snacking and sugar cravings.

I want to lose 15 pounds. A dietitian said eating larger meals with more protein will reduce my snacking and sugar cravings.

  • A 40-year-old woman submitted an average eating day to be assessed for Insider’s Nutrition Clinic.
  • She said her goal is to lose 15 pounds, but she eats a lot of sugary snacks.
  • One dietitian said he would eat larger, higher-protein meals to boost satiety and reduce sugar cravings.
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  • The advice in this article is not a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment.

Ashley, 40, presented her eating routine to Insider’s Nutrition Clinic, where qualified dieticians and nutritionists offer advice on readers’ eating habits.

She told Insider that her goal is to lose 15 pounds. She eats small meals but snacks.

Ashley works from home in front of a computer all day, but tries to fit into 30-60 minutes of daily activity, such as walking or jogging on the treadmill, walking, cycling or swimming, she said.

Registered dietitian Alix Turoff told Insider it’s great to work out around a desk job every day, but Ashley should consider replacing some of the cardio with strength training to build muscle, improve her body composition and increase her bone density. protect as she gets older.

While eating small meals may seem like the right thing to do for weight loss, it can backfire if your meals don’t keep you full and you end up craving high-calorie snacks. Turoff recommends eating larger meals with more protein.

Ashley has a banana and coffee for breakfast

Ashley starts her day with a banana and coffee. Throughout the day, she snacked on foods such as chocolate, chips and cookies, she said.

Turoff said Ashley should consider eating more protein in her meals because protein is the most satiating macronutrient, meaning it makes you feel full.

“It seems her snacks are primarily carbohydrate-based, which could be because she isn’t eating enough protein or calories throughout the day,” Turoff said.

Instead of just having a banana for breakfast, she advises Ashley to have it with protein foods like eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, plus a fat source like nuts, nut butter or avocado.

Ashley might also consider replacing some of her sugary, processed snacks with more balanced alternatives, Turoff said. Try Greek yogurt with some granola and berries, she said.

Ashley has yogurt and muesli for lunch

Ashley’s lunch is yogurt and granola, she said.

Turoff said this is a great option for a healthy snack later in the day, but she recommends having a lunch consisting of a protein source, carbohydrates, and vegetables.

Ashley’s dinner consists of chicken, vegetables and sweet potato

For dinner, Ashley eats chicken with vegetables and sweet potato, followed by cake or pie with ice cream, she said.

Her main course is a well-balanced meal, and Turoff recommends repeating this for lunch.

“I don’t think there’s a problem with a sweet snack for dessert, but I would just watch the portion if she goes with cake or pie with ice cream,” Turoff said.

“If she’s out of chocolate, cookies, and chips all day, she might still be able to fit in the cake or pie with dessert, so I’d focus on building in some more balanced snacks first.”

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