Fears over fight to contain monkeypox spread amid vaccine 'shortages'

Fears over fight to contain monkeypox spread amid vaccine ‘shortages’

There are concerns that there may not be enough monkeypox vaccines during the current outbreak.

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the growing cases a public health emergency, with shots being rolled out to those most at risk.

Experts have warned there may not be enough monkeypox vaccine to make ends meet


Experts have warned there may not be enough monkeypox vaccine to make ends meetCredit: EPA
The image above shows the main signs of monkey pox to look out for


The image above shows the main signs of monkey pox to look out for

But the company that makes the vaccines has now warned that demand continues to rise.

Drug manufacturers Bavarian Nordic manufacture the Jynneos shot.

Company vice president Rolf Sass Sorensen has said companies may need to work together to keep rolling out the jabs.

“Demand continues to rise and it is no longer certain that we can continue to meet the demand we face, even with the upgrade of our existing production site in Denmark,” he told Bloomberg.

Man catches monkey pox after DANCING in a crowd at an outdoor event
Graphics show how monkey pox makes man's nose rot

At the moment there are about 20 cases of the bug being picked up every day in the UK, compared to 35 a week ago.

According to the latest data from the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA), there are 3,081 confirmed cases in the UK – with a further 114 highly likely infections.

There are 13,517 cases in the US, with California and New York having the most.

Despite cases still being identified in the UK, Dame Jenny Harries, chief executive at the UKHSA, said the outbreak could be plausible.

However, she warned that vaccines could run out in some areas before more doses arrive in a week.

She said: “There may be a short period, probably three or four weeks, when vaccines run out in some areas.

“And in those cases, we make sure that the individuals who applied are checked and re-invited, so they just need to make sure their names are available.

“And once the vaccine is in, we’ll get it into people’s arms.”

Initially, the UK had ordered 50,000 shots – which is enough to vaccinate 25,000 people.

A total of 150,000 have been ordered, which is the maximum available.

It was previously thought that 40,000 people would need the shot — which, according to Dr. Harry was underestimated.

The outbreak is primarily concentrated in men who have sex with men — so people in that community were previously asked to come forward for the jab.


Health leaders have warned this group to be extra vigilant for the symptoms of monkeypox, especially if they plan to have sex.

It was recently revealed that a man caught the bug while dancing at a crowded outdoor event.

He claims not to have had sexual contact with anyone, which is how the virus is usually spread.

Doctors reported that the unidentified man in his twenties “attended a large, crowded outdoor event”.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention report, he “had close contact with others for a few hours, including close dancing.”

While other people at the event wore sleeveless tops and shorts, he wore shorts and a short-sleeved T-shirt, with only his arms showing.

The researchers describe his interactions with those around him and said the man had shared an e-cigarette with a woman.

He hadn’t noticed that anyone around him had a rash or that they were unwell.

The event was not specifically or mostly attended by people who identify as gay or bisexual – the most at-risk group in the current outbreak.

It was also not in an enclosed or indoor space, like a rave.

The patient’s “primary risk factor was close, nonsexual contact with numerous unfamiliar individuals during a crowded outdoor event,” the researchers wrote.

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