Little Leaguer injured after falling off bunk is expected to make a full recovery, doctor says

Little Leaguer injured after falling off bunk is expected to make a full recovery, doctor says

Easton, 12, was set to play in the Little League World Series on Friday with his team, Utah’s Snow Canyon, before falling out of a bunk early Monday morning in the players’ dormitory in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

dr. Oded Goren, who specializes in cerebrovascular and endovascular neurosurgery, said Easton is “making tremendous progress toward recovery and we expect him to have a near-complete recovery.”

The 12-year-old was also taken from the ICU to a normal hospital room and was able to get up, eat and drink on his own, according to a Thursday update on an Instagram account set up to provide updates on his condition.

“He has communicated more often with his mother, father and uncles who have been in the hospital with him. His voice is significantly clearer when he talks!” read the message.

Easton’s father, Jace Oliverson, told CNN that his son is “now showing people that miracles happen.”

Derrick Oliverson, Easton’s uncle, told CNN that doctors are amazed at his nephew’s recovery.

“Based on the scores and the grades they give when a child comes in with his condition… Statistically Easton should have died, and we attribute that 100% to the prayers we’ve received across the country,” he said. he. .

Easton has received many messages of support from all over the world. The Brigham Young University soccer team and Los Angeles Dodgers rightfielder Mookie Betts submitted supporting videos to Easton via Instagram.

“Hey Easton, it’s Mookie Betts. I just want you to know that we’re praying for you, thinking of you and hope to see you soon, my husband,” Betts, known as Easton’s favorite player, said on video Wednesday.

Sadly Easton won’t be able to play in the Little League World Series game on Friday, but his little brother Brogan will take his place on the field. Brogan is nicknamed “Little T,” according to the Instagram post.

“We were able to tell Easton about that and he cried and I asked Easton, ‘Are those happy tears or sad tears?’ and he expressed both,” said Oliverson, Easton’s uncle. “He’s happy for his little brother, he’s so heartbroken that he can’t participate in something every Little Leaguer dreams of.”

Easton’s team is the first from Utah to make it to the series in the tournament’s 75-year history. According to his uncle Derrick, Easton’s father will coach the team’s game on Friday as previously scheduled.

Kevin Dotson of CNN contributed to this report. CNN’s Jason Carroll and Carolyn Sung reported from Danville, Pennsylvania. CNN’s Matt Foster reported from London and Amir Vera wrote from Atlanta, Georgia.

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